Make Money While You Stay at Home: Easy and Unique Ideas


  • Definition of stay at home income
  • Benefits of stay at home income
  • Overview of easy and unique ideas for generating stay at home income

Sell Your Skills

  • Freelancing – writing, editing, graphic design, programming, etc.
  • Virtual Assistant – administrative tasks, appointment scheduling, social media management, etc.
  • Online Tutoring – academic subjects, music lessons, language classes, etc.

Get Paid for What You Already Do

  • Online Surveys – market research surveys, opinion polls, etc.
  • Test Websites and Apps – user experience testing, bug reporting, etc.
  • Watch Videos and Play Games – online gaming, ad watching, etc.

Sell Your Stuff

  • Selling on eBay – review, research, list, and sell products online
  • Selling on Amazon – build an online store and sell variety of products
  • Create a Drop shipping store – design and sell products without inventory

Create a Passive Income Stream

  • Rent Your Home – property or spare room rental
  • Rent Your Car – peer-to-peer car rental
  • Rent Your Stuff – clothing or equipment rental, etc.

Start a Blog or YouTube Channel

  • Blogging – create a website niche and share your expertise
  • YouTube Channel – make engaging videos about product reviews, tutorials and vlogs

Be Social

  • Social Media Management – manage a brand’s social media accounts
  • Influencer Marketing – partner with brands and get paid for promoting their products
  • Affiliate Marketing – promote a company’s products and earn a commission for each sale.

Invest Your Money

  • Peer to Peer Lending – lend money to businesses or people in need and earn interest
  • Stock Market Investing – invest money in the stock market to earn dividends


  • Recap of the easy and unique ideas for generating stay at home income
  • Encouragement to explore options to generate stay at home income


  • What skills do I need to freelance?
  • Can anyone participate in online surveys?
  • What kind of products can I sell on Amazon?
  • How much money can I potentially make from generating stay at home income?
  • Is investing my money a good option for generating stay at home income?

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